Swimming Game – Challenge: Streamline Push

Game – Streamline Push

Create partners or groups.

One person floats on their back or belly in streamline.

Other person holds their feet. When they’re ready, the person holding the feet pushes using hands and feet on the wall to “Push” the streamline as far as you can go.

The winner is the “streamline” that gets the farthest without kicking, moving, or breathing.

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2 thoughts on “Swimming Game – Challenge: Streamline Push”

  1. Seems fun and helpful! So do they hold their partner in breaststroke position like the photo shows and push off? Or how do they usually hold their partner’s feet?

    • Either like the picture for the most power, or with straight legs. Open to interpretation.

      Also allow the pusher to use the wall with their feet but can’t go past the T mark if doing in lanes.

      What would you do?

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