Swim Lesson Game

Swimming Game – Treasure Hunt

This swimming lessons game works best in a zero-depth pool; a pool which simulates a beach. There are a number of swimming skills that it works on, and many more depending on how creative your instructors or you are.

Treasure Hunt:

  • Get a kickboard. This will be your “boat.”
  • Every child in your class is a pirate or a treasure hunter. The instructor is the Captain.  The captain steers the boat, the children go around it.
  • Instructor does an alligator walk while pushing the “boat.”
  • Children do alligator walks behind or around instructor and “boat” while hunting for treasure.
  • When instructor / Captain gets to a certain point, throw toys or rings, out into the water and have the pirates/children/hunters go find treasure.
  • Put rules on children, can only get treasure if they go underwater, or do a front float, or blow bubbles.
  • Bring 1 piece of treasure back to the boat at a time. Stack the treasure on the boat.
  • Alligator walk with bubbles on the way back, to help the boat laden with treasure move faster.
  • OPTIONAL! Run into a storm and lose the treasure and find it again with new activity: back floats/underwater 2x/etc.
  • Pull into harbor/where class began and give rewards for treasure; exmp: Buckethead!

This game works REALLY well to do alligator walks, underwater, and blowing bubbles IF the instructor is willing to suspend their disbelief and play with the children.

Excellent game for 2-5 years.

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